Survey findings

Initial results of Eastern Cape phase

SWEP Phase 1 initial results

Map of survey sites across the Eastern Cape

Learning Exchange (LEX) Workshop & initial results 

The project 

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Without the landowners, who gave up their time to be interviewed and shared their valuable knowledge about their farms, we would not have been able to get the data we need to show the contributions of the wildlife economy to South Africa's sustainable development. This video showcases our project, the initial results, and acknowledges our wonderful participants. (Future participants, click here!)

LEX reflections & ways forward

What are the implications for inclusive economic development?

And the implications for SANBI's policy advice and decision support?

Thoughts on the initial results

Thoughts on the project

From the industry's perspective?

And the initial results...?

Resource Auditors share their experiences from the field

Public speaking is a valuable skill.
It is also quite terrifying.

We strive to upskill our RAs in multiple capacities. Not only are they building confidence, developing inter-personal relationships, and mastering rangeland condition surveys, but they are also learning how to articulate complex topics. Sometimes it doesn't go according to plan, and even the trainers are not immune to the woes of public speaking....