Sustainable Wildlife Economies Project


The Limpopo phase of the project has been concluded - thanks to all those who participated!

We are currently designing phase 3 of the project...



Surveys conducted

862 K

Hectares assessed


Young people employed

Our goal is to generate knowledge that will help design sustainable, innovative and inclusive wildlife economies

We also seek to create skilled employment in the conservation sector, fill critical information gaps for policy-makers and practitioners, and create public awareness of South Africa's unique biodiversity economy.

We have formed a great consortium of partners to achieve this!

We conducted a pilot study in the Eastern Cape from Feb - March 2021 and are now preparing to upscale.



Surveys conducted

852 K

Hectares assessed


Young people employed


How many field assistants does it take to move a buffalo? As many as possible apparently! The SANBI field assistants received some practical wildlife ranching training when they were enlisted to help move a darted buffalo to its new home during the surveys conducted in June.

Meet our team and hire them!

We have equipped these bright, young and passionate students with the skills and knowledge to make positive contributions to the biodiversity economy. So if you need any talented up-and-coming scientists for your enterprise, please let us know or find them through our employment portal!